Spoiler alert: Pregnancy pillows can transform your sleep even if you’re not expecting

Anya Meyerowitz
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Spoiler alert: pregnancy pillows can transform your sleep even if you’re not expecting. (Getty Images)

Spoiler alert: Pregnancy pillows can transform your sleep even if you’re not expecting. (Getty Images)

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A few months ago, my friend became a mum and in the days and weeks following she shared all sorts of updates via our Whatsapp group: from photos of her lovely new baby to how the first feed went and the myriad of things she was learning about her own body.

In amongst all of the new mum chat, she posted a photo of a pregnancy pillow, asking if anyone wanted it as she no longer really needed it.

I can't say I've ever been particularly interested in such an item, given that I have never been pregnant, but as my own pillows are currently pretty lacklustre and in need of an upgrade, I said I'd happily take it off her hands until such a day when she might want it back.

And reader, I hope that day never comes, because my second-hand pregnancy pillow has transformed my sleep.

Gone are the days of fidgeting, rolling, sitting up to replump pillows and yanking the duvet out from my partner in order to throw my own leg over it.

I now have everything I need in my 9ft, U-shaped full-body pilow and I don't see any way back.

It supports my entire body, from my head down to my legs, and means I don't wake up with back pain, a cricked neck or stiff limbs.

In fact, I don't wake up at all, until my alarm goes off.

During lockdown I had developed a frustraing habit of waking numerous times in the night, but now I sleep through.

The pillow is soft, but firm enough to support your body in whatever sleeping position you favour, and once you've played around with the various sleeping options on offer, you'll soon find that you no longer need to compromise between a comfy neck or a numb arm in the night.

I'll miss those 3am conversations with my partner, as we both lie awake in the total darkness, but I've moved into a new phase of my life now: a more comfortable, restful stage – and so he'll have to keep his thoughts to himself until morning.

Forget the sleep apps and the articles on meditation, invest in a pregnancy pillow - I promise you'll never look back.

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What the reviews say:

  • "I’m a front sleeper and was getting pain as a result. I also found sleeping on my side difficult. This cushion is really snuggly and made sleeping on my side really comfortable and gave me a great night's sleep."

  • "Bought for daughter who absolutely adores the feeling of being wrapped in comfort."

  • "Very pleasantly surprised. I never write reviews but this pillow is just the best thing ever. Don’t second guess it just get one."

  • "Fab product, I brought it because I'm 32 weeks pregnant and awake half the night uncomfortable... since having the pillow I've slept like a dream. Supports my leg, hip, neck and back perfectly, and stops me rolling onto my back and waking in pain. Its the only pillow on my bed now I don't need the others."

  • "If you're pregnant or suffer back pain, this pillow is brilliant, it's not too soft, it's perfect. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and really needed support with my back at night."

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