Prank Fail: Dog Picks Up Knife After Owner Pretends to Choke

A pet owner from Glen Cove, New York, played a prank on her dog by pretending to choke to see his reaction, but the joke quickly turned on her when her pet grabbed a knife and walked toward her with it.

The September 9 video shows Haley Deecken making choking gestures before falling over. Her dog Dunkin – who has been trained to pick up the knife on command – momentarily stands over her before going rogue with his knife trick.

Deecken, seeing how her prank is spiraling out of control, quickly gets up off the ground.

Dunkin did jab Deecken in the back, but the knife was not sharp and neither of them were injured.

Deecken told Storyful she has previously played pranks on her pet but his response was much different this time. Credit: @thedeeckendogs via Storyful

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