The Power star Heather Agyepong on new superpower series

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The Power star teases new superpower seriesCindy Ord - Getty Images

The Power stars Heather Agyepong, Halle Bush and Zrinka Cvitešić have spoken about their favourite parts of the brand-new Prime Video series.

Also featuring Toni Collette, John Leguizamo and Auli’i Cravalho, the show (which is based on Naomi Alderman's novel) follows a group of girls after every teenage girl in the world suddenly develops the power to electrocute people at will.

They soon find that it isn't just their lives that have changed but also the entire global power balance.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy Heather, Halle and Zrinka all gave their thoughts on the series and what made their character special for each of them.

"For me, it was the intersectional nature of the show," Heather shared. "In terms of my character [Ndudi], she is a Nigerian young woman, and often conversations around, like, the voice of Africa sometimes can be silenced.

"So I think something about showing a young Nigerian woman felt really exciting, and someone who discovers their power felt really special to portray."

For Halle, it was seeing her character Allie gain a voice through her power.

"What really appealed to me was how Ally's story turned out really good because at first you see her, you know, voiceless," she explained.

"Then at the end, you see her as a leader and this powerful young girl, and the fact that she was a woman of colour made it even more empowering to me."

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Prime Video
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Prime Video

Zrinka, whose character Tatiana Moskalev finds herself as President of Moldova, said she enjoyed the complexity of each character.

"You don't get many projects in your life where every single character is built with so many layers," she said, going on to add that she also loved how the story brings together people of diverse backgrounds.

"What I love the most is when a project connects various artists, like different countries, you know, nationalities, religions," the actress continued.

"It shows us that art has no language, or it has only one language, which is emotion. And that's something that every human being can understand."

The Power will premiere on Amazon's Prime Video service on Friday, March 31.

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