Power Book II Finale Recap: Wait, Who Was Behind Tommy's Hit on Tasha?!

Well, well, well, look who’s all grown up.

Power Book II: Ghost ended Season 3 Friday with a major revelation: Diana Tejada, and not her mother Monet, made it possible for Tommy to find (and potentially kill) Tasha. And that’s just her first big betrayal of the hour!

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Early in the episode, Tariq visits Tommy’s mother, Kate, with a gun and a demand: Tell him where Tommy is or else. She knows he probably won’t hurt her, though, so she invites him to sit down and chat. She tells him that “a woman with red hair, her name was Monique?” came to the house and gave her a letter to deliver to Tommy. Tariq fumes; he knows that letter contained Tasha’s address.


Later, Tommy finds his surrogate nephew and fills him in on what happened after Tasha knocked him out during their standoff at the house. Tommy says he and Tasha “hashed it out,” and a flashback shows us how the two ended the beef that started when she killed his fiancée, LaKeisha, during Power‘s sixth season.

“I’ve already lost too much family, Tommy. We don’t need to kill each other. Let’s dead this s–t,” Tasha told him, vowing that she never stopped loving him like a brother. “We are Day Ones. We’re the only ones left,” she added, and he agreed to finish their feud right then and there. Then he told her that he has a half-brother and nephew. Right before the U.S. Marshals arrived, Tommy and Tasha vowed that their families were safe from each other, and he took off.

In the present, Tommy says he won’t join Tariq’s battle with Monet but warns the young man against killing the queenpin — a move that will condemn his family to retaliatory death. “This ain’t my war,” Tommy says. “Plus, in New York? I’m already dead.”


Later, Diana stops by Tariq’s dorm room to plan a hit on her own mother — and she’ll help! But when the moment arrives, Tasha (!) pulls off a drive-by shooting before Tariq can do it. The attack puts Monet in the hospital. And when Cane asks Diana if she saw who did it… she says Tariq! Another flashback shows how Dru and Diana planned the whole thing — “Tariq kills Monet, Cane kills Tariq” — and how she donned a red wig to visit Kate’s place and hand her the letter Saxe sent Monet.

With Monet down (and possibly out forever), Tariq plans to get in close with Noma. But Tasha warns him that it’s a dangerous way to go. And when he meets with Noma to make the proposition, he learns that Cane, Diana, Dru and Effie (who’s free because Lauren lied on the stand at the grand jury hearing) are all working with her now — and only Brayden, who arrives just in time to save Tariq’s life in a shootout, remains on his side.

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