Posterity Health, National Male Fertility Company, Announces Southeast Regional Expansion

DENVER, February 01, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Posterity Health, the only virtual Male Fertility Center of Excellence that offers personalized care, educational resources, and effective treatments, continues its rapid expansion into the Southeast Region, which includes Georgia and Tennessee. With this growth, Posterity Health is proud to welcome reproductive urologist, Dr. Matthew Pollard, to lead the new region. Dr. Pollard is immediately accepting new patients.

Posterity Health offers a combination of virtual visits, at-home diagnostics and in-person consultations to help assess and improve a male’s fertility status.

"We are excited to expand into the Southeast and remain laser focused on our mission to provide male fertility care to every couple trying to conceive," said Pam Pure, CEO of Posterity Health. "With only 200 Male Fertility specialists in the country, Posterity Health’s team of reproductive urologists coupled with our unique Digital Health Platform will provide males in Georgia and Tennessee with immediate access to male fertility care. We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with the top fertility centers and OBGYNs in these regions. Our goal is to help every couple find their best path to pregnancy."

Services in the Southeast Region include the Male Fertility Assessment for males who want to assess their fertility status and the Male Fertility Workup, which is designed for males with an abnormal semen analysis and includes a personalized treatment plan. Posterity Health also provides a portfolio of Men’s Health solutions including vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, varicocele repairs, testosterone therapy, hormone management, as well as a Second Opinion service.

Dr. Matthew Pollard is a renowned certified reproductive urologist and is fellowship certified in male reproductive medicine. Dr. Pollard obtained his MD from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He completed his urology residency training with the Department of Urology at the University of California Los Angeles and spent an additional year completing a fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

"It's a privilege to join Posterity Health," said Dr. Pollard. "I’m excited to focus my practice on providing excellent male fertility care with an emphasis on making a difference in men's health."

Dr. Pollard is dedicated to helping men grow their families while expanding access to care through cutting-edge technology, networking, and advocacy. Using his platform to improve awareness of men’s health issues, Dr. Pollard is an active member of the legislative advocacy community and serves on boards and committees at both the local and national level, including Nashville Academy of Medicine Board of Directors, Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) Legislative Committee, and SMSNA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Posterity Health has a technology driven patient experience. The company offers its male patients and their partners access to its Digital Health Platform, which is designed to support and improve male factor infertility. It is customized to connect and communicate with males to answer their questions, provide education on the role they play in the conception process, and define the most common male fertility diagnoses and treatments. Dr. Barrett Cowan, Chief Medical Officer, explains that "Male factor infertility impacts over 50% of couples who are having trouble conceiving. It’s more common than people think and it’s often treatable once identified. The addition of Dr. Pollard allows us to help more couples and reinforces our commitment to provide the expertise required to help each couple determine their best path to pregnancy."

About Posterity Health
Posterity Health is the only Male Fertility Center of Excellence. The company provides an extensive portfolio of technology-enabled male fertility services, including at-home diagnostics, virtual visits and in-person consults focused on improving a man’s fertility status. The company seeks to educate, engage, and treat men, shifting the burden of conceiving from solely the woman and creating a unifying experience for the couple.

Posterity Health is committed to making male fertility management a core part of men’s health. To learn more, visit

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