6 award-worthy appetizers for your Oscar party

[Photo: Simply Beautiful Eating]

What are you wearing to the Oscars this weekend? I’m most likely going to be in my comfy pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn on my lap. 

If you are planning to host an Oscar party in your own home here are six award-worthy appetizers that look “red carpet ready.”

Rose Potato Tarts with Jalapeno Cheese & Red Pepper Pesto [Photo: Simply Beautiful Eating]

Rose tarts on Pinterest are a dime a dozen but I’ve swapped out the sweet and brought in the savory with this recipe. Crisp potato petals with creamy cheese that’s spiked with fiery jalapeno will take you right to flavour town. Better yet, they’re easy to make and jaw droppingly beautiful. 

Get the recipe from Simply Beautiful Eating

Retro Hot Artichoke Dip [Photo: The Food Gays]

This hot artichoke dip has an old Hollywood appeal with movie star quality. It’s sophisticated and elegant for a crowd and by using smaller ramekins, it will keep it’s shape when your guests dig in. Make it for a crowd or feel free to double dip if it’s just for yourself.

Get the recipe from The Food Gays  

Savory & Sweet Popcorn Bar [Photo: Little Miss Party]

What better way to enjoy the Oscars than with a popcorn bar at your party? Prepare sweet and savory options for your guests to enjoy while guessing who’s going to take home the golden statue. Plus, popcorn is one of the most versatile snacks you can serve. Top it with a sweet  chocolate drizzle or savoury herbs and spices and you’ll have a winner.

Get the recipe from Little Miss Party

Crispy Prosciutto Baked Brie Bites with Honey Pears & Walnuts [Photo: Half Baked Harvest]

These pretty bites are so delicious they deserve their own Oscar! The combo of baked brie, honeyed pears and walnuts make them simply drool worthy. These yummy little appetizers will disappear quickly at your party so be sure to make a double batch!

Get the recipe from Half Baked Harvest

Garlic Prawn Salad Wonton Cups [Photo: Cafe Delites]

These wonton cups are delicious crispy vessels perfect for stuffing with your favourite fillings but I’m partial to these garlic prawn salad canapes. Succulent shrimp with crisp vegetables and drizzled with a sweet chili sauce, these treats are perfect for an Oscar party… or really, anytime. After all, who doesn’t love mini finger foods? 

Get the recipe from Cafe Delites

Slow Cooker Raspberry Balsamic Meatballs [Photo: The Food Charlatan]

Oh look! A party on a stick! These raspberry balsamic meatballs are sweet, savoury and sticky. The best part? They can be made in a slow cooker which means a hassle free appetizer ready for your guests arrival.

Get the recipe from The Food Charlatan

As an extra bonus I asked the gals at Little Miss Party to give me their top tips for hosting a slammin’ Oscar Party.

Why host an award show viewing party?

It’s a great excuse to gather your friends and get cozy on the couch! You don’t have to get decked out but instead can dress comfortably so you can enjoy the show, food and drinks in a relaxed environment.

Decor wise, what can a hostess do to create a quick and easy “awards show” vibe?

Start with a red tablecloth or runner for your buffet table. The red carpet is always the highlight of these shows! Use your tableware as part of the decor: Dress up champagne glasses by tying black ribbon to the stems as “bowties”. Set out striped boxes of popcorn for your guests to snack on. Buy movie theater candy at your local drug or grocery store and wrap with paper bands that read: “best picture,” “best actor,” “best actress,” etc.; Add edible glitter to your ice cube trays for “glam” ice and use to fill your champagne bucket.

What can a host do to make their space comfortable for a viewing party?

Have cozy pillows and blankets but not too many that it takes over the couch. Set up extra chairs from your kitchen or dining room table if extra seating is needed.  Set out snacks by the couch so your guests can easily enjoy during the show. We love serving kale chips, wasabi peas, sugared pecans and root vegetable chips as “fancy” red carpet snacks.

Any tips for making this type of party run smoothly?

1. Record the show in case your guests arrive late and you’re unable to start the viewing party promptly. If recorded you can start later if necessary and then fast forward through commercials.

2. Betting on the awards makes the show a little more exciting to watch and it’s a fun activity for your party guests. Print ballots (easily found online) and display them with pencils for your guests to fill out. Then trade ballots and mark for each other during the show.

3. Make sure you have plenty of snacks as well as water, sparkling and non alcoholic drink options for your guests to choose from.

Don’t forget to check out Yahoo Style, Yahoo Celebrity and Yahoo Movies on Sunday for up-to-the-minute fashion, beauty and entertainment news surrounding the 88th Academy Awards.