3D Twin Towers Movie The Walk Causing Vertigo and Vomiting

Director Robert Zemeckis said he hoped to induce vertigo with his new film ‘The Walk’ and it seems he’s managed it if reports coming out of New York cinemas are to be believed.

Journalist Mark Harris, who saw the film at the New York Film Festival over the weekend, tweeted: “Reports of guys vomiting in the Alice Tully men’s rm post-The Walk: True. Witnessed it/came close. Bad visual trigger for vertigo sufferers.”

The film which is being released in 3D IMAX relives the true story of French daredevil Philippe Petit who, in 1974, strung a high wire between the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Centre before traversing the gap at 1,300 feet several times without a safety harness.

No video footage of the daring feat was captured at the time, so Zemeckis set out to recreate the event, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as Petit, in startling 3D using computer generated wizardry.

The New York Post reports that Denise Widman, board director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival said the film’s climax left her feeling sick. 

“The last 20 minutes of the film I had to look away a couple of times because of the sensation of the height. I felt a little bit queasy. I felt nervous. It was a tingling sensation and some anxiety.”

Percival Arguero-Mendoza, a filmmaker from Mexico City, added: “It felt very real. I felt a knot in my stomach. It’s like my head was reeling but I was not dizzy. The audience got a fear of him falling. It’s like actually picturing in your mind him falling. You really get a sense of depth.”

You can test your own fear of heights when ‘The Walk’ hits cinemas on 2 October. Just keep reminding yourself… it’s only a film.

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Image credits: Sony Pictures