Possible Michigan touchdown catch taken off the board vs. Wisconsin (Video)

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When it comes to passes toward the sideline, a near-touchdown for Michigan on the road at No. 5 Wisconsin showed how little margin for error there can be.

Trailing the Badgers 7-0, the Wolverines moved deep into UW territory. On second and goal, Michigan quarterback Brandon Peters lobbed one up to Donovan Peoples-Jones in the end zone. Peoples-Jones made the catch, but it was ruled incomplete because one of his feet landed out of bounds.

It was really, really close.

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After a replay review, the call on the field was confirmed with the official saying both of Peoples-Jones’ feet landed simultaneously with one inbounds and one out of bounds. But one angle made it look like the left foot — the one that landed inbounds — touched the turf just before the right foot landed out of bounds.

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It’s hard to tell for sure. Ultimately, it’s understandable why the play wasn’t overturned, but that angle sure makes it look like the left foot may have grazed the turf first. Since you only need to get one foot inbounds in college football, it would have been a touchdown.

And on third down, things went awry.

Peters ran toward the end zone and was stripped a few yards before the goal line. Wisconsin recovered, taking Michigan points off the board.

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It initially looked like Peters lost the ball extending for the goal line, but the ball was knocked loose by a Wisconsin defender.

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Michigan would respond on its next drive. After forcing a punt, Peters led a seven-play, 84-yard scoring drive that was capped off with a one-yard touchdown run by Ben Mason.

Peters, aside from the fumble, played pretty well against the Badgers, but he was eventually knocked out of the game after a hard hit in the third quarter.

Wisconsin went on to win 24-10 to stay undefeated.

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