Portada and Comscore publish their report "E-commerce marketing in Latin America: data and lessons for brand executives"

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MEXICO CITY, May 26, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 2022 edition of Portada Insights Report, "E-commerce marketing in Latin America: data and lessons for brand executives", in association with Comscore, analyzes the behavior of the audience on the web, apps and social media in the three largest markets in Latin America - Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. It looks at the general retail category and three key sub-categories: Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Department Stores Malls, and Fragrances/Cosmetics.

The report also analyzes the expansion of online marketplaces in Latin America, the increased use of apps, particularly delivery and financial apps, and provides advice to brand managers on the best way to manage e-commerce campaigns in the region. The report combines analysis of Comscore's data with the view of dozens of brand managers that are members of Portada's brand marketer network , as well as the viewpoints of marketing experts from Infobip, Latcom, Meltwater, ShowHeroes, and Yahoo.

"E-commerce trends are a reflection of various indicators in the economy in the different countries of Latin America - hence the importance of such a detailed analysis", said Rodrigo Cerón, Senior Director, Global Marketing at Comscore. "Portada's editorial vision together with Comscore's data give a comprehensive overview that we know will provide considerable support to the industry".

The report can be downloaded here: https://www.portada-online.com/insights/portada-insights-report-el-marketing-de-comercio-eletronico-en-latinoamerica/. It answers crucial questions for marketing and e-commerce professionals, such as:

From 2019 to 2021, how did online audiences (web and app) in the Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Department Store Malls, and Fragrances/Cosmetics categories evolve in the three main Latin American markets?

What percentage of users of Brazilian Department Store Malls websites and apps use app-only to connect with firms in this category?

From 2019 to 2021, did the audiences of the top 4 online marketplaces in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico increase or decrease?

Does social media marketing promote web/app visits?

Does programmatic display or social advertising work better in achieving conversions in online buying?

What other initiatives are useful in achieving conversions?

What case studies are there on customer service via social networks between firms and consumers?

What best practices are recommended for the use of CTV and Digital Out of Home in e-commerce marketing?

About Comscore:

Comscore (NASDAQ:SCOR) helps marketers and media companies at every stage of the advertising cycle, across all platforms. With a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced audience insights, Comscore allows media buyers and sellers to quantify their multiscreen behavior and make business decisions with confidence. A proven leader in measuring digital and set-top box audiences and advertising at scale, Comscore is an independent, reliable and comprehensive third-party source for measurement of cross-platform audiences. For more information on Comscore, visit Comscore.com/lat

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