This Portable Heated Seat Cushion Will Be Your Best Friend For Tailgating, Camping, And Beyond

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Photo credit: Arctic Zone
Photo credit: Arctic Zone

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It’s only a matter time until outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing mark, and when they do, you’ll be desperately looking for products to keep you warm. Let us be the first to introduce you to the LavaSeat II Heated Fleece Seat Cushion from Arctic Zone. When your winter coat isn’t cutting it, it’ll give you an extra layer of warmth that we all crave during the frigid time of year.

The portable seat is lightweight and, most importantly, heated. It features four layers of cushioning and is wrapped in a fleece cover. The real warmth comes from heating pad, which has low, medium, and high heating settings, that’s inside the seat cover. It has a rechargeable battery pack/power bank that lasts for 7 hours, as detailed by Arctic Zone, which means you won’t have the hassle of a cord or the need for an outlet. The LavaSeat II comes with an attached handle and has a water-resistant base, so you’ll feel good about using it when you have to sit on a rained-on or snowy surface.

You can get the LavaSeat II on Amazon for $39.99 with free delivery. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, so you can bring it just about anywhere. The seat is black, measures in at 16.5 by 2.5 by 11.5 inches, and was first released earlier this year. Something tells us that it’s going to be getting many more reviews as we move into colder temperatures.

If the heated cushion isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are other options so that you can remain warm through the fall and winter. POP, for example, has a heated folding chair and heated stadium chair that will allow you to be comfortable no matter where you are. Sorry, winter, but we think it’s clear that we’re winning this season.

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