Is this Porsche 911 Carrera T Really Worth $128,000?

porsche 911t
The Porsche 911T Is the Low-Key Enthusiast ChoiceHearst Owned

Between the whole nine-car gathering, if I had to pick one car from our 2024 Performance Car of the Year test to daily drive for the next five years, it would be the Porsche 911 Carrera T. Everything about the Carrera T, particularly a lower-spec one with a stick, is just right.

Although the 992 is the biggest 911 ever, in narrow-body “T” form, particularly with the rear-steer option, it feels lithe, svelte, and agile. With just 379 horsepower and massive rear tires, it’s almost impossible to get the car to slide unless you dive into a corner way too fast, but it’s still loads of fun around the track. It has the right balance of power, brakes, handling, feel, and technology.

Of course, the Carrera T will always be overshadowed by its bigger brother, the GT3 Touring. But, if I actually wanted a car to drive on the street rather than the track, I’ll take T over three any day. It’s softer, easier to use, and the torque from the turbochargers makes it work better at low and mid-revs.

But because it’s the subtle, low-key enthusiast choice—the lightweight 911 at the bottom of the pricing pyramid—it’s a real favorite from our 2024 Performance Car of the Year test.

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