Popular brewery returning to Clovis. Here’s where taproom will be, when it’ll open

SILVIA FLORES/Fresno Bee file

When House of Pendragon closed its Clovis taproom this summer, the intent was to return to the city at some point.

“We weren’t in a huge rush,” says Tommy Caprelian, who’s been operating the Sanger craft brewery for almost a decade.

At one point, HoP had three locations: an original home base in Sanger; a 700-square-foot taproom on Willow Avenue in Clovis; and a joint-venture brewpub on Van Ness Avenue in downtown Fresno.

Since July, the brewery has been operating solely out of Sanger with the promise of a reopening.

Which it teased in a social media video on Jan. 22:

House of Pendragon will open in east Clovis in the Loma Vista Marketplace at Shaw and Leonard avenues.

The shopping center, which will also house a Pizza Factory, is part of the larger Loma Vista Community, currently in development in Clovis. HoP hopes to open its location by the fall.

“We just wanted to find the right spot,” Caprelian says.

It had to be someplace you could walk or ride your bike to and have some decent square footage. And it had to be someplace that wasn’t overly saturated, that could become “the neighborhood taproom.”

The taproom is planned at just over 2,000 square feet with an outdoor patio designed for year-round use. The extra space will let HoP expand the tap list (28 to 30, compared to the dozen or so at the old Clovis space), take-home can fridge space and other merchandising.

“It definitely expands our footprint,” Caprelian says.

That also means more and larger social events.

Yes, Pub Quiz will return, along with other game nights the brewery is currently testing at its Sanger location. Caprelian is excited because “Golden Eye” was just released on Nintendo Switch and he sees the brewery hosting a tournament in the near future.

Joining forces with Riley’s Brewing

House of Pendragon also announced this week that it would be furthering its partnership with Madera’s Riley’s Brewing.

The two started sharing brewing operations after a fire destroyed Riley’s plant back in August and now have also combined their sales teams. The move allows both to expand their presence in the market, Riley’s wrote in a social media post on Thursday.

“It’s been six months since the fire took everything and a lot of rumors hurt, but did not defeat our resolve,” the post reads.

“We are committed to rebuilding our brands and relationships.”

The post says the breweries are “two Local Family owned businesses, with no corporate deep pockets. All decisions are made over a pint with our employees’ best interest in mind.”