Poppy Lissiman Collaborates With Indigenous Artist John Prince Siddon

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Cult classic accessories brand Poppy Lissiman has partnered with John Prince Siddon, an internationally renowned Walmajarri artist whose work spans across a range of media and disciplines. Marrying Siddon’s nimble artistry with the sustainable brand’s infectious love of color and shapes, the collection offers an assortment of the brand’s best-selling bags outfitted in patterns inspired by West Australia.

The Instagram favorite Nifty Camera Bag, Bobby Bag and handy Malibu Waistbag arrives in an array of prints taken from the detail of Prince’s work. The neutral-toned Purlkartu iteration is inspired by a spider web print, while the bright orange and white Warlu print depicts fire. Elsewhere, Skuddo Bloke portrays highly detailed views of animals, while a variety of spacious totes are outfitted in intricate illustrations. A long time collector of Prince’s work, the designer’s collaboration with the artist was a dream come true. "I think of him as a contemporary artist who happens to be indigenous and he’s hands down my favorite artist, so when the opportunity came up to work with him, it was too good to be true."

The imaginative collaboration between Prince and Poppy not only elevates the voices of Indigenous artists but challenges historically held notions of art and design, reaching out to an audience willing to experiment and reimagine the status quo. "His subject matter truly speaks to our generation. His work can be quite politically heavy. A lot of his pieces are focused on climate change and the effects of the floods and fires on Australia’s flora and fauna," Lissiman shares in an interview with Hypebae. As a shining example of sustainable and mindful manufacturing, Poppy Lissiman works with a factory that ingeniously transforms recycled car windshields and plastic bottles into fabric and sticks to a season-less approach, trusting in customers’ clearly abundant love for her designs.

Take a look at Poppy Lissiman x Prince’s collaboration in the gallery above and head to the former brand’s website to purchase.