Pop Your Uncrustables In The Air Fryer For A Next-Level PB&J

Grape Uncrustables at store
Grape Uncrustables at store - The Image Party/Shutterstock

For all the questionable foodstuffs that have come and gone from the school cafeterias of America, Uncrustables are a stalwart of sweet, salty goodness. And like all the best childhood snacks, the frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwich is beloved by kids and nostalgic adults alike — perhaps even more so now that it comes in a bite-sized version. Perhaps it's the flawless simplicity of its flavors, the whimsical crimps lining its circular form, or, per its name, its benevolent lack of crust.

One thing Uncrustables are not known for, however, is its versatility. Generally, the frozen Smuckers product is brought up to room temperature and eaten like a plain old sandwich. That's great for field trip lunches, but if you're looking for a more scrumptious way to enjoy your Uncrustables, try popping them in the air fryer. The soft, pillowy bread will take on a shattering, almost doughnut-like crunch while the peanut butter and jelly get warm and oozy.

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Keep It Simple — Or Don't

Person using white air fryer
Person using white air fryer - Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

To get a sense of what happens when you introduce Uncrustable to your air fryer, start with a simple version. Brush both sides of the sandwich with melted butter or nonstick cooking spray and toss it in the air fryer at 375° Fahrenheit for five minutes or so, or a couple of minutes longer if it's frozen. This bare-bones version might be enough to change the way you think about peanut butter and jelly forever, but it doesn't stop there. Over on Reddit, people are sprinkling their air-fried Uncrustables with cinnamon sugar before frying for an added crunch factor. One user tried it and had "no regertssssss [sic]."

As a final touch, consider topping your crispy, gooey sandwich with chopped peanuts or a drizzle of warmed peanut butter and jelly. Of course, the experimentation doesn't have to end there. Any Uncrustables flavor can be given air-fryer treatment, from its hazelnut chocolate flavor to its savory rolls. But peanut butter and jelly benefits particularly well from a crispy-on-the-outside, melty-on-the-inside combo.

No Fryer, No Problem

Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches might not have a long history, but they certainly precede TikTok. They might even precede air fryers, which didn't come around until 2005. This is all to say it's entirely possible to achieve the effects of air-fried PB&J without any fancy equipment. "I've made a grilled PB&J and it was one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten," wrote one Reddit user. An even more accessible air-fryer backup? The skillet.

Jill from Peanut Butter and Jilly uses this method, adding maple syrup to the vegan butter in a skillet to help the exterior of the sandwich get "super golden and caramelized." Meanwhile, Dad With a Pan uses an empanada press to shape his sandwiches into Uncrustable-esque pockets before frying them in oil. If you have the choice, go with the air fryer — it's quick, simple, and leaves you with fewer dishes to clean up.

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