Pop star Tiffany leaves The Masked Singer

Tiffany has exited the ITV show credit:Bang Showbiz
Tiffany has exited the ITV show credit:Bang Showbiz

Pop star Tiffany has been unmasked on 'The Masked Singer'.

The 52-year-old star has become the latest celebrity to leave the ITV show, after she removed her Eiffel Tower costume.

Reflecting on her 'Masked Singer' experience, the 'I Think We’re Alone Now' hitmaker said: "I have had a blast. Thank you so much - it's been so great. Thank you all.

"I love Eiffel Tower, she's so beautiful."

Earlier in the show, Keala Settle was unmasked as Air Fryer.

The 48-year-old star - who appeared in the 2017 movie 'The Greatest Showman' - also loved her time on the programme.

She said: "You have this facade that you’re used to, you know, performing, being that person, and when this is off? That’s off, this is what they’re looking for.

"It was a massive learning experience and it was a game changer."

Keala also admitted to being surprised that none of the judges managed to guess her true identity.

The actress shared: "There were so many close ones!

"The guest judges that you’ve had, one of them I actually knew and I was standing here going, ‘Please please’. It was [Jennifer] Saunders!"

Last week, Nicky Campbell was unmasked on 'The Masked Singer'.

However, the TV star admitted at the time that he didn't know who was inside the other costumes.

He confessed: "I have not got a clue who anyone else is. You never see anything because you've got masks on all the time, so you can't see a thing.

"The worst thing about being in the costume is when the lid goes on the top of Dippy Egg, and all of a sudden, it's like you're in a deep-sea diving suit!"