Polygon Price Prediction, MATIC Token Gains 35% Over Last Week! Here’s Why

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / Newsreportz recent analysis of Polygon price based on Matic's technical analysis, volatility factors, and community sentiment.

Polygon's Matic Price Prediction, Will it continue the Upward Rally?
Polygon The Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform is up 35% over the previous week due to various good news. Polygon recently announced its partnership with Wanchain to build a decentralized bridge between the Arbitrum and Polygon sidechain. Polygon recently announced on Twitter about its zk Summit on Dec. 9. The event will center around the applications of zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs and zk-STARKs. At the time of writing, Polygon price was trading at $2.41 with a volume of over $3.7Billion.

Another crypto that is skyrocketing like Matic is EverGrow Coin,a hyper deflationary crypto launched 2 months ago with over a hundred thousand token holders. One of the main reasons behind EverGrow's initial parabolic rise is its unique tokenomics. EverGrow distributes 8% from every transaction amongst its holders and has already distributed more than 30M$ in rewards over the last 8 weeks. According to their roadmap, Evergrow is developing a suite of utilities in their Ecosystem, including the world's First NFT Lending Platform, a content subscription platform, NFT Marketplace, Play-2-Earn Games, and Crypto Wallet App just announced on their official Twitter. In the past 24 hours, EverGrow price has increased by 20%

Analysts like Wallet Investor and Gov. capital are bullish on Polygon, with the Matic token price target set for more than $5 for a five-year forecast. Polygon ZK-rollups is a technology that helps Ethereum scale without compromising the blockchain's security and decentralization.

The recent surge in the market value of Matic is exciting. Projects like StarkWare and Matter Labs, which are based on this technology, have closed $50 million funding rounds from investors like Andreessen Horowitz. ZK protocol Hermez merged with Polygon in a $250 million deal, bringing ZK rollup capabilities to Polygon. Still, Polygon investors also need to note that this price action has resulted in three higher highs & then low triangles, and a few analysts forecast a 56% correction in its price.

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