New poll shows Biden's standing with Georgia voters 'has fallen off a cliff'

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Joe Biden.
Joe Biden. Megan Varner/Getty Images

President Biden is hurting with voters nationwide, but he's way down with voters in Georgia, a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll reveals.

In fact, per the poll released Thursday, the president's approval rating in the Peach State has "fallen off a cliff," AJC writes. Just one-third of registered voters approve of his job performance, a "sharp decline from the 51 percent of voters who gave Biden high marks in the AJC's May poll."

What's worse, the results spell trouble for Democrats hoping to "build off their victories in the last election" and hold onto congressional majorities in the upcoming midterms.

For example, 71 percent of Georgians feel the nation is moving in the wrong direction, "including nearly all Republicans and about half of Democrats," per AJC. Just 52 percent of voters felt that way in May.

In Thursday's poll, 21 percent of Democrats gave Biden a less-than-positive review, versus the 5 percent who reported feeling such a way in the spring poll.

More worrisome is the sentiment among Black Georgians, a key coalition of voters for both Biden and Democrats. "In May, only about 8 percent of Black voters disapproved of Biden's performance," AJC writes. "That number had more than quadrupled in the AJC's latest poll, which found disapproval among Black Georgians at 36 percent."

AJC's poll was conducted through the University of Georgia, and surveyed 872 registered voters from Jan. 13-24. Results have a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points. See more results at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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