Poll reveals America's favorite words for describing Trump

AOL.com editors

"Incompetent," "arrogant," "a**hole" -- according to a new poll, each of these words was recently used in describing President Trump.

As Trump's approval rating stands at 37 percent with Gallup and 42 percent with Rasmussen, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals how Americans feel about the commander in chief in literally one word.

Click through to see the 10 most common words used to describe Trump:

According to the poll, which included some 880 responses and 384 unique responses, the word "incompetent" was the most popular descriptor, with 4 percent of respondents answering with it. Other negative words included in the poll responses are "racist," "ignorant," and "narcissistic."

As for the positive words used in describing the former billionaire businessman, 3 percent of poll respondents used the word "strong," while a respective 1 percent used words like "determined," "American," and "patriotic."

As the poll findings note, a look at the most commonly used strong and negative words indicates U.S. perception of Trump -- good or bad -- is primarily rooted in reactions to his personality, compared to his policy agenda.

A similar poll conducted by Quinnipiac in May, 2017 showed respondents using words like "evil," "bigot," and "disgusting." The difference in answers between the Quinnipiac and ABC News polls perhaps signals a positive shift forward for the 45th president.

A look back: Quinnipiac's top 25 words that come to mind for Trump

As summer came to close and powerful hurricanes brought devastating impact to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, Trump has appeared in scattered messaging tactic.

On one hand, his administration appears to be tightening the West Wing reigns as they eye legislative movement on tax reform -- allowing little wiggle room for further palace intrigue the likes of former HHS Secretary Tom Price's private charter flight expenses.

Inversely, though, the fiery nature of Trump's Twitter presence and signature off-the-cuff rhetoric remains a staple element of his presidency -- and the Trump-NFL controversy and recent backlash against San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz as the official pleaded for federal support are only recent examples of this.