Police Respond to High School Shooting in Philadelphia

At least one teenager was killed in a shooting at a Philadelphia high school on Tuesday, September 27, according to police.

In a press conference, the Philadelphia Police Department said a 14-year-old was killed and four other football players were shot after a scrimmage at Roxborough High School just before 4:45pm.

“The biggest piece of this is that there is a 14-year-old that is doing again what students do, have football games at the end of the day,” Philadelphia First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford said.

“One of the things we encourage our kids to do. And for him not to make it home so there’s a family today – again not taking anything away from the other families – but there’s one family that their son won’t make it home today and that is the big part of this.”

Footage filmed by Connor Brooke near the high school shows police responding to the incident. Multiple evidence markers can be seen. Credit: Connor Brooke via Storyful

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