Police recover stolen tuba, weeks after theft

Police recover stolen tuba, weeks after theft

The story of a tuba stolen from a Miramichi-area home has ended on a high note. 

Miramichi Police located the tuba once owned by the late Miramichi entertainer William Farrah on Tuesday.

The instrument is now back in the possession of William's son Blaine, who said he had just about given up all hope of ever seeing his father's instrument again.

"Honest to god, after two weeks, I didn't really think anything was going to come of it," said Farrah.

"[I thought] it's probably in a scrap yard somewhere, or somebody sold it."

The tuba was stolen from Farrah's shed in November and he said the police found it when they executed a search warrant about an unrelated matter.

William Farrah was a beloved local entertainer.

He used to play his tuba at hospitals, graduations and local festivals.

Farrah said he's glad the tuba is home where it belongs. He thinks it deserves a better storage location than it had previously.

"I'm going to keep it in the house though from now on," said Farrah.