Police officers keep `vermin in our midst’ in check, letter writer says | Opinion

Andy Alfaro/aalfaro@modbee.com

Police keep `vermin in our midst’ in check

Regarding the Jan. 29 “Candorville” (comics page) by Darrin Bell, it angered me because our police are doing a great job and this comic undermines the stature they deserve. Remember they have a very dangerous job protecting all of us, putting their lives at risk daily. I want to thank our law enforcement for the fine job they are doing, protecting us against the vermin in our midst.

Dennis Slaybaugh, Modesto

Whites face housing bias, too

Re “Reversing home discrimination” (Letters, Jan.29): I find this to be missing the point and problem as a whole. Housing discrimination doesn’t just consist of people of color — it also consists of white single mothers like myself. The funding is there and the properties and landlords will take the voucher and work with you but the problem lies with the agencies themselves and the employees that are just there for a paycheck and not to do their job, which is to help those in need of housing and assistance so they can have a chance to give their kids and families a normal life. This has to do with a lack of holding the county and government agencies accountable.

Kids end up with severe mental health issues due to not having stable housing as well as proper support systems in place for families that are being ignored regardless of all the proper documentation needed to qualify for these services.

Cori Elizabeth Stapp, Turlock

You’ll get over it

So many letter writers still suffering from Donald Trump denigration syndrome. Can’t release their mind from the man.

It’s OK, gentlemen — just relax. You will be OK in time.

Ernie Seppi, Modesto

Government wastes money

Editor’s note: Assembly Bill 1949 went into effect Jan. 1, 2023, requiring employers with five of more workers to provide five days of unpaid bereavement leave.

Did grief become more intense recently, or is this just another way for more time off? Unless things have turned, no one knows or keeps track of employees’ immediate family. Some bury the same member over and over.

What do our students (in Escalon) receive? A swimming pool that was allowed to fall into disrepair so our children had nowhere to swim last summer. One City Council member said the (school) district really didn’t want the pool or the upkeep of it. Funny, that’s not what was told to the public when they wanted the tax dollars to build it.

Stop just handing over funds to people who would never spend their own money this way. Federal, state, county and city, put children first.

Grace Joyce, Escalon