Police fatally shoot man featured on popular podcast ‘S-Town,’ Alabama officials say

Tyler Goodson, who was featured on the popular podcast “S-Town,” was shot and killed by police during a standoff, Alabama officials said.

Goodson barricaded himself inside a home in Woodstock just after midnight Dec. 3, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said in a Dec. 4 news release.

Police said Goodson brandished a gun at officers, and they fatally shot him.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is investigating the case and will present its findings to the Bibb County District Attorney’s Office.

“I know that everyone wants answers and details, myself included,” Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson said in a statement. “Tyler was well known and loved by myself, his family and this community. That love extends far beyond due to the S-Town podcast.”

Goodson, 32, was featured in the story of “S-Town,” an investigative podcast exploring the small town of Woodstock, population less than 2,000, and the life of one of its residents.

Journalist Brian Reed spent time with Goodson, who was described as being like family to the central figure of the podcast, John B. McLemore.

“He loves Tyler. I mean, Tyler’s his boy…” one figure in the podcast remarks in episode 2. “He loves Tyler probably just as much as you would your own son, your own flesh and blood.”

“S-Town” was downloaded 10 million times in the first four days it aired in 2017, Variety reported.

Goodson told Esquire in 2018 that “S-Town” fans from around the world reached out to him after hearing him on the podcast.

“They tell me my story touched their hearts and this, that, and the other,” Goodson told the outlet. “It’s wild.”

Dodson said Goodson was “so much more than a character to the fans who loved him. This young man was a father, son, brother and friend to many.”

The mayor said he was devastated over the news.

Woodstock is about 30 miles southwest of Birmingham.

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