Police chief accused of stealing guns from evidence to sell, NC authorities say

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The former police chief of Chadbourn, North Carolina, has been indicted on 88 felony counts, authorities said Friday.

William Anthony Spivey is accused of destroying evidence, embezzling state property, trafficking in opium, and obstructing justice, among other offenses, according to the Brunswick County District Attorney.

Prosecutors say Spivey stole guns from the department’s evidence lockup, and sold several to “friends, family members and acquaintances.”

Though some of the stolen guns have been recovered by authorities, many are still missing.

“To date, there remain a large number of unaccounted for firearms and we are asking for the public’s assistance,” the DA release said.

Spivey was arrested in mid-April by the State Bureau of Investigation, McClatchy News reported. The SBI began looking into the now-former chief on March 2, at the request of district attorney Jon David.

Situated in Columbus County, Chadbourn is roughly 130 miles south of Raleigh, and has a population around 2,000.

David expressed concern to Chadbourn’s town manager in early March about the community’s police department, because it had not been sending narcotics to the state crime lab for a long time, McClatchy News reported. Multiple felony drug cases were dismissed as a result.

Although names were hidden, David said the subject of the letter was chief Spivey.

Spivey was chief from 2018 until his resignation on April 6.

Anyone with information relevant to the investigation is encouraged to contact the SBI at 910-346-2121.

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