This Pokémon-themed fan video shows Cubs capturing NLDS

Last season, the Chicago Cubs dominated in the regular season, took down one of the Elite Four in the National League Championship Series and then captured a World Series.

This year, they are looking to do it again. The first rival they need to take down on their quest to once again become champions are the Washington Nationals.

In order to win the battle against the Nationals in the National League Division Series, the Cubs will need to utilize all their moves. One fan thinks they’ll do just that, and decided the best way to show it was with a Pokémon-themed playoff video.

That format should look familiar to you. The video was made by Johnny Fitz Live, who has put together videos of the Cubs dominating opponents in 8-bit glory in the past. After doing Super Mario Bros., the Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong, Pokémon seemed like the next logical option.

The choice of Pokémon used in the video is pretty inspired. The Cubs are represented by Teddiursa, which is fitting for obvious reasons (it’s a small bear). Bryce Harper is a Geodude, which works because Harper can be described as a bro. Machamp is the Nats rotation because he has multiple arms. We can also appreciate the line about FA contract not working on Bryce until next year. All of that was well done.

We do have a gripe about Daniel Murphy being represented as the legendary Mewtwo. It’s makes for a good name pun, but we’re not willing to consider Murphy a legend just yet. The joke about the World Series ring there was so good that we’ll let that one slide, though.

The Cubs are hoping to celebrate an NLDS win over the Nationals soon. (AP Photo)

You Pokémasters out there might take issue with a Teddiursa defeating a Mewtwo, and that’s fair. That’s the equivalent of David vs. Goliath, or the Cleveland Browns against any other football team.

The matchup between the Cubs and Nationals is much closer than that, and we could see the series going either way. On top of that, this isn’t even the final battle for either team.

That’s fitting, though. There’s always a bigger bad behind the initial villain in any RPG. The Los Angeles Dodgers are hoping to play that role no matter which team advances.

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