PM Modi's stern warning to Congress and tips to BJP to counter the Opposition

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Bharatiya Janata Party's Members of Parliament on July 20 on the sidelines of the ongoing Parliament session. He exhorted the MPs to counter the lies being spread by the opposition about the coronavirus situation in the country.

The Opposition has not allowed both Houses to function smoothly raising the Pegasus snooping case, price rise and farmers' agitation. Prime Minister Modi was even prevented from introducing his newly appointed ministers in Parliament, a House tradition.

The prime minister said that the government was willing to hold discussions in both Houses of Parliament, but the Opposition was showing the most irresponsible behaviour.

The prime minister, visibly upset at the behaviour of the Opposition, accused it of being unable to ‘digest’ the fact that ‘a large number of new ministers are women, Dalits, tribals and those from Other Backward Classes’.

Modi issued a stern warning to the Congress and also provided tips to BJP MPs on how to counter Opposition charges.

5-point mirror to the Congress: An Analysis

1. Congress in a coma

The prime minister attacked the grand old party saying the Congress is in "coma" and unable to digest the fact that the BJP is in power.

"It has not been able to come out of the coma (that) we have come this far. Congress's behaviour is unfortunate, they are not able to digest the fact that we have reached this far,” sources quoted the prime minister as having said.

2. Congress spreading negativity

The Congress party has been spreading negativity at a time when it should be supporting the government in its fight against the pandemic. Such a pandemic has not been witnessed by the world in the last 100 years.

During the Spanish flu, people faced severe food shortages and also died due to hunger. The Modi government has been supplying free ration to 80 crore individuals, both, during the first as well as the second wave.

3. Congress not performing a good Opposition’s role

As a true Opposition neither is it supporting good programmes and policies of the government nor it is providing constructive criticism: it is, in fact, creating unnecessary roadblocks. Many of its leaders’ actions have actually led to vaccine hesitancy in the country.

4. Sense of entitlement

The prime pinister expressed concern over the attitude of the Opposition, especially the Congress party, which still believes that only it has the right to be in power. Unless it sheds its sense of entitlement which flows from the top (high command), it will not be able to come back to power.

5. Should introspect

The Congress should introspect as to why it performed poorly in two consecutive general elections 2014 and 2019. The regional parties are now emerging as major challengers to the BJP.

Rather than accepting its existential crisis, the party strategists still feel it is the de facto number two party in the country and will naturally benefit from anti-incumbency against the BJP, without really doing much on the ground.

Mantras to BJP MPs

The prime minister asked the party leaders to be prepared ‘with more boots on the ground’ for the third wave of the pandemic, which according to experts will strike in August-September.

The COVID-19 crisis is not a political but a humanitarian issue. He asked the BJP MPs to proactively counter the opposition's misleading charges on the COVID-19 management, availability of medicines and oxygen. The Opposition has also demanded a statement on COVID1-9 in Parliament on the issue.

Modi also stressed the fact that despite the government's free ration initiative, BJP MPs should not boast about it as providing relief to the people was their responsibility and not a favour.

The COVID-19 threat is still looming large. It is not yet over. MPs should educate citizens in their constituencies about the safety precautions. They should also encourage people to get vaccinated.