PM Modi hails people for philantrophic work, says their efforts inspire others

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File photo)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File photo)

New Delhi [India], July 25 (ANI): Lauding the philanthropic work of several citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said their efforts give the inspiration to do something new in life.

He lauded the efforts of Radhika Shastri of Tamil Nadu who has started the AmbuRx (Amburex) Project. The purpose of this project is to provide easy transport for the treatment of patients in hilly areas.

Addressing the 79th edition of his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat', Prime Minister Modi lauded the philanthropic efforts of Sanjay Rana who runs a 'chhole bhature' stall in Chandigarh.

"In Sector 29 of Chandigarh, Sanjay Rana ji runs a food stall and sells chhole-bhature on his cycle. One day his daughter Riddhima and niece Riya came to him with an idea. Both requested him to feed chhole-bhature for free to those who had got the COVID vaccine. He happily agreed to the suggestion and immediately started this good and noble effort," he said.

"To eat Sanjay Rana ji's chhole-bhature for free, you have to show that you have got the vaccine administered on the very day. It is said that for the welfare of society, spirit of service and duty are required more than money. Our Sanjay Bhai is proving this saying to be right," PM Modi said.

He further mentioned Sai Praneeth, a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh who provides climate information to local farmers in order to prevent suffering from weather adversaries.

He said, "Sai Praneeth ji is a Software Engineer, hailing from Andhra Pradesh. Last year he saw that in his area farmers had to suffer a lot due to the vagaries of weather. For years, he had an interest in meteorology. So, he decided to use his interest and talent for the welfare of farmers. Now he purchases weather data from different data sources, analyses them and sends necessary information through various media to farmers in the local language."

PM Modi said Praneeth also gives guidance to people about what they should do in different climatic conditions, especially how to be safe from floods or how to avoid storms or lightning.

PM Modi applauded the efforts of T S Ringphami Young, T S Angel, and Avungshee Shimre Augasteena who initiated apple farming in Manipur.

"Nowadays apple farming is picking up fast in the Ukhrul district of Manipur. Farmers here are growing apples in their orchards. To learn apple farming these people have taken formal training by going to Himachal. One of these is T S Ringphami Young. By profession, he is an aeronautical engineer. He along with his wife T S Angel has grown apples. Similarly, Avungshee Shimre Augasteena too has grown apples in her orchard. Avungshee had a job in Delhi. She returned to her village quitting this and started farming apples. There are many such apple growers in Manipur who have demonstrated something different and something new," stated the Prime Minister.

"Mann ki Baat" is the Prime Minister's monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month. (ANI)

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