Players, coaches, media react to news of NCAA tournaments being canceled

The cancellation of the NCAA tournaments is the latest and one of the most significant impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the sports world.

A staple of the American cultural landscape that annually demands the attention of hoops junkies, casual fans, bracket novices and gamblers alike has suddenly been eliminated. In a day, week and month full of stunning news, the loss of March Madness is a gut punch, even as many agree it was a prudent decision.

While fans mourn the loss of one of the sports calendar’s crown jewels, the impact pales in comparison to that on the student-athletes who worked so hard to get to this point and won’t reap the benefits. Many of them won’t have another chance to play in March.

Players, fans, coaches and professionals who cover the sport used social media to share their thoughts and feelings after Thursday’s decision was announced.

NCAA players weigh in

The mother of Dayton’s National Player of the Year candidate Obi Toppin shared her feelings as well.

Coaches share their thoughts

Media weigh in

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