Planning a Memorial Day barbecue? As meat prices soar, here’s what it’ll cost you in Boise

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Courtesy photo/Los Mexi"Q"tioners

Those grilling out Memorial Day weekend will spend more on their groceries for the barbecue than they did last year.

The meat market is no longer as competitive as it once was. The country’s farmers and ranchers have been at the mercy of a handful of buyers. Those buyers also get to set the prices they charge the stores where you shop.

“Even as these conglomerates raise prices at the grocery stores, they push down prices for farmers and ranchers, taking wealth out of rural communities and hurting consumers,” the White House reported last January.

After the USDA reviewed comments from hundreds of southern farmers and ranchers, the Biden-Harris administration proposed $1 billion of the American Rescue Plan funds would address their issues. But, that hasn’t changed what you’ll see shopping for ribs at Winco or Albertsons this weekend.

Last year nationally, pork chops averaged about $3.88 per pound. Today, it’s closer to $4.18. Hot dogs have risen from $3.81 last year to $5.22 today.

Prices in Boise are no different.

The local average cost of pork chops per pound is about $5.69, while the cost of pack of hot dogs at Boise store averages about $6.99.

There are some specials around town this weekend. At the Albertson’s at 1650 W. State St., USDA choice beef ribeye steak with bone in is on sale for $5.99 per pound. Albertson’s also has Pork loin extra meaty or St. Louis style ribs with bone in for $3.99 per pound.

This chart shows how hot dog and pork chops prices have changed nationally since 2019.

Here’s a chart of the price changes for all of your barbecue favorites since last May. All prices come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.