Planes, Chairs, and Automobiles: Mega Auction of James Bond Memorabilia

Jordan Zakarin

Donald Pleasance and his evil chair in You Only Live Twice

Do you have a white fluffy cat, lots of extra cash, and a desperate need to complete your creepy Blofeld impersonation?

Well, you’re in luck!

The black chair that Donald Pleasance schemed from during the 1967 movie You Only Live Twice is one of many James Bond items up for bid on Dec. 6 at Julien’s Auctions in Hollywood.

The chair is expected to cost $1500–$3000, which is downright cheap compared to some of the bigger-ticket items in the catalog. Like, for example, the original BD-5J jet that Roger Moore’s 007 flew in 1983’s Octopussy, which is listed at $200,000–$300,000.


The jet from Octopussy

If you’re afraid of heights and spending an entire mortgage on an old plane, but still want to travel like Bond, you could spring for the Osprey 5 hovercraft that Pierce Brosnan piloted in Die Another Day. That water-friendly vehicle is listed for $30,000–$40,000.


The hovercraft from Die Another Day

For those who want to buy a nice, but not insane Christmas gift for the Bond fan in your lives, there are also plenty of posters, signed books (by Bond novelist Raymond Benson, not series creator Ian Fleming), and Q-approved gadgets like Bond’s fingerprint-scanning cell phone from Tomorrow Never Dies. Check out all the goods up for grabs over at Julien’s.