These Are The Places In The UK With The Highest And Lowest Covid Rates Right Now

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Data shows that the number of Covid cases has fallen in every region of England for the first time during the second wave of the pandemic, but rates remain extremely high in many areas of the country.

Knowsley in Merseyside currently has the highest rate of infection in the country, while North East Lincolnshire has the lowest.

Here are four lists to help you make sense of the latest NHS data.

The two following lists are both presented as the number of cases per 100,000 people, over a seven-day interval, tracking the period from January 6 to January 12.

The 20 places in England with the highest Covid rates:

Knowsley, Merseyside currently has the highest infection rate in England, with a number of London boroughs also included in the nation’s top 20.

  1. Knowsley, 1,223/100K

  2. Barking and Dagenham, 1,092/100K

  3. Newham, 1,043.5/100K

  4. Halton, 1,007.7/100K

  5. Slough, 973/100K

  6. Sefton, 934.1/100K

  7. Ealing, 920.2/100K

  8. Thurrock, 918.3/100K

  9. Brent, 904.4/100K

  10. Redbridge, 894.8/100K

  11. Liverpool, 884.7/100K

  12. Sandwell, 840.6/100K

  13. Wirral, 835.2/100K

  14. Wolverhampton, 831.2/100K

  15. Waltham Forest, 827.5/100K

  16. Croydon, 825.2/100K

  17. Hounslow, 820.6/100K

  18. Greenwich, 809.2/100K

  19. Tower Hamlets, 804.9/100K

  20. Enfield, 802/100K

The 20 places in England with the lowest Covid rates:

North East Lincolnshire currently has the lowest infection rate, with neighbouring North Lincolnshire in second place.

  1. North East Lincolnshire, 129.7/100K

  2. North Lincolnshire, 141.6/100K

  3. Devon, 192.7/100K

  4. East Riding of Yorkshire, 195.2/100K

  5. Northumberland, 218/100K

  6. Barnsley, 232.5/100K

  7. Calderdale, 237.4/100K

  8. Lincolnshire, 239.1/100K

  9. North Tyneside, 241.2/100K

  10. Rutland, 245.4/100K

  11. Newcastle Upon Tyne, 255.9/100K

  12. Sheffield, 256.8/100K

  13. Wakefield, 258.4/100K

  14. Torbay, 263.5/100K

  15. Rotherham, 266.4/100K

  16. Gloucestershire, 268.7/100K

  17. Dorset, 273.7/100K

  18. Bradford, 273.8/100K

  19. Kirklees, 277.9/100K

  20. Somerset, 281.4/100K

The infection rate across England, region by region

The figures below show the daily case rates per 100,000 people, shown as a seven-day average.

  1. London, 105/100K

  2. North West, 77.4/100K

  3. East of England, 75.7/100K

  4. West Midlands, 75.4/100K

  5. South East, 71.6/100K

  6. East Midlands, 56.4/100K

  7. South West, 47.7/100K

  8. North East, 46.9/100K

  9. Yorkshire and The Humber, 40.2/100K

The infection rate across London, borough by borough

London remains the region of the UK with the highest rate of Covid-19 infections, but the number of cases varies dramatically borough by borough.

Here’s the number of cases per 100,000 people, over a seven-day interval, tracking the period from January 6 to January 12.

  1. Barking and Dagenham, 1,092/100K

  2. Newham, 1,043/100K

  3. Ealing, 920.1/100K

  4. Brent, 904/100K

  5. Redbridge, 894.8/100K

  6. Waltham Forest, 827.5/100K

  7. Croydon, 825.2/100K

  8. Hounslow, 820.6/100K

  9. Greenwich, 809.2/100K

  10. Tower Hamlets,804.9/100K

  11. Enfield, 802/100K

  12. Lewisham, 771.3/100K

  13. Bexley, 760/100K

  14. Harrow, 758.1/100K

  15. Lambeth, 756.1/100K

  16. Haringey, 749.9/100K

  17. Hillingdon, 735.5/100K

  18. Havering, 727/100K

  19. Southwark, 721.4/100K

  20. Barnet, 719.2/100K

  21. City of London, 701.1/100K

  22. Merton, 678.3/100K

  23. Sutton, 662.5/100K

  24. Bromley, 595.8/100K

  25. Islington, 571.2/100K

  26. Kensington and Chelsea, 556/100K

  27. Hammersmith and Fulham, 549.3/100K

  28. Wandsworth, 543.3/100K

  29. Camden, 477.7/100K

  30. Westminster, 458.8/100K

  31. Kingston upon Thames, 432.7/100K

  32. Richmond upon Thames, 338.4/100K


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