'Pitter-Patter of Hooves': Australian Safari Park Welcomes New Zebra Foal

An Australian safari park announced the “pitter-patter of hooves across the plains” after welcoming a new zebra foal to its herd on May 22.

Footage shared by Monarto Safari Park shows the new addition enjoying time with its family, which includes 17-year-old mother, Kenya, and 10-year-old father, Storm.

“The foal has been staying close to Kenya, but it is already really confident and has been testing out its legs running and jumping around,” said keeper Haidee Kinter in a release attached to this footage.

“The herd have been gorgeous with the foal, one of Kenya’s daughters, Kali, has been sticking close by and keeping watch over the new little one too,” Kinter said. Credit: Monarto Safari Park via Storyful

Video Transcript