Pioneering Affiliation Model as a Strategic Alternative, How Inperium Inc Helps Nonprofits to Obtain Capital and Advance their Missions

READING, PA / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2023 / A significant number of people across the globe are benefitting from the works of nonprofit organizations in one way or another. Nonprofit organizations serve as a link between the haves and have-nots and the privileged and underprivileged in our society. They address a wide range of issues and seek to find solutions to those issues. However, obtaining the necessary capital and operational support for nonprofit organizations involves a lot of challenges. Different organizations employ different approaches to source capital to advance their missions. In order to address this issue, Inperium Inc, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit human services organization developed a unique strategic alternative affiliation model. The model helps to achieve business combinations in order to help nonprofit organizations find essential funding and resources.

Inperium Inc was established in 2015 by Ryan Smith aiming to help organizations to find capital and leverage resources to achieve quality results. Ryan along with a group of entrepreneurs formed a constellation of companies to take his mission forward. They used diversified contract payers, geographies, and service areas to insulate themselves from fluctuations in certain cost drivers that are unique to any one of those three factors. They ensured that they have incorporated thousands of different payers, different services, and the recipient need levels in their constellation model. They believe that this diversification is what makes them different and unique from all the others that are doing business roll-ups, mergers, acquisitions, and affiliations.

The unique affiliation model developed by Inperium Inc operates on a parent-subsidiary type arrangement. In this model Inperium Inc acts as the "Parent" or "Sole Corporate Member". This parent organization does not own any shares or other interests in the nonprofit. Instead, it is treated as the Parent because of the control it has over the nonprofit. This is typically accomplished as a result of the "Parent" nonprofit becoming the sole voting member of the "subsidiary" nonprofit, with the right to determine the directors of the subsidiary nonprofit & a focused set of other reserve powers required to effectuate the consolidations. The ‘Affiliation Model', provides collaboration opportunities to other organizations without requiring them to merge with Inperium. That means the affiliated companies are allowed to remain independent legal entities.

The original company of Ryan Smith was started in 1993 with Supportive Concepts for Families that provided residential services to adults with intellectual disabilities. However, when this effort was met with rate capitations involving reimbursement at a fee table reference, based on rate arrangement versus an actual cost reimbursement, Ryan recognized his cost structure could not be supported by those capitated rates. Therefore, he sought to create an option for himself and other companies whereby they could leverage geography, scale, payer, and diversification of user or patient client base as a means to fall within the cost structure of those capitated rates. And that led to the birth of Inperium Inc.

Inperium Inc enables other executives and companies to come together under one common parent, where they could leverage all of the key aspects to create sustainability and meet fee and rate capitations without suffering negative consequences to service quality, the number of people served, or the number of services provided. While a number of companies in the field are focusing on particular areas such as substance abuse, aging and geriatric dementia care, intellectual disabilities, or education, Inperium Inc operates in all of those areas irrespective of the geography.

Today Inperium Inc has grown into a prestigious constellation company of non-profits and for-profits providing person-centric health-related support and other business services to the organizations it aids. The organization has expanded its services into 14 states in the United States with 34 business affiliations. The company has recently concluded an affiliation with Shelby Residential and Vocational Services, Inc. (SRVS), the largest provider of services for individuals with disabilities in West Tennessee.

Commenting on the current status and future prospects of the company, Ryan Smith, Founder and CEO of Inperium Inc says, "We have a global-local approach meaning, we have global personnel that operates around the country, overseeing the local affiliate business partners that operate in the affiliate locations or geographies where there's a good concentration of affiliates. We are truly about offering opportunities to businesses that can contribute to our constellation and create their own sustainability through a relationship with inperium. Our goal is to achieve 1 billion dollars in revenues and over 150 million dollars in net assets, impacting 5 times the communities and geographies that we originally had. We are committed to offering the best-in-class back office, infrastructure, and support."

About Inperium Inc

Inperium Inc is a 501(c)(3) & 509(a)(3) nonprofit human service organization, headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. The organization was established in 2015 by Ryan Smith. Specializing in non-profit organization management, Inperium Inc provides approaches that facilitate access to business and professional shared services. This approach allows organizations to focus on the advancement and sustainability of their unique missions through affiliation as an alternative to traditional mergers. Inperium's network includes non-profits/for-profits providing person-centric health-related support & other business services to the organizations it aids.

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