Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares All About Her Girls Trip — with Friends from the Fourth Grade!

The Food Network star also revealed the cheeky nickname for their five-person crew

<p>Ree Drummond/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond on her girls

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond on her girls' trip to Nashville.

Ree Drummond had a fun-filled girls trip with some very special friends.

The Pioneer Woman star shared all about her weekend getaway to Nashville with four of her best friends from fourth grade and beyond. In a post on the Pioneer Woman blog, Drummond wrote that the weekend was extra special since it was her first girls trip in years.

“We walked around, laughed, ate, laughed, told old stories, laughed, watched 80's movies, laughed, and shopped for cowboy (cowgirl!) boots and just had the time of our lives,” she wrote in the post. “I texted them all when I got home and wondered when the next trip will be. My cup is full!”

The friends who joined Drummond — Jules, Ang, Sarah-Beara and Jenn Jenn — all go “back as far as fourth grade,” the Food Network star shared.  Since the pals live in all different regions of the country, time together is even more special, she added.

<p>thepioneerwomanmag/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond with her longtime friends in Nashville.


Ree Drummond with her longtime friends in Nashville.

“I love these girls so much, and time with them means time with people who've known me in all the awkward, clunky, messy stages of my life!” Drummond wrote. “And I've known them through theirs. And that is a beautiful thing.”

Drummond shared a glimpse of the longtime friends’ shenanigans, including going shoe shopping in Music City.

“The five of us couldn't leave Nashville without getting new cowboy (cowgirl!) boots, and it was so fun to see the boots we wound up with,” she wrote.

The cookbook author was more than happy with her pair’s funky design. “My boots are DENIM and I'm not sure I've ever put on a more comfortable pair of boots. Where have they been all my life?? I absolutely love them,” she said.

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To round out the blog post, Drummond shared the cheeky name the five friends have dubbed their group.

“We have referred to ourselves as The Mofo 5. It's dumb, it's irreverent, it's silly, it makes us laugh, and it suits us,” she quipped.

While on vacation, Drummond shared an Instagram post recounting a food flub she made.

“I had to haul home some extra food and drink because I’ve lived in the country for 28 years and evidently have lost the ability to estimate the amount of groceries needed for 2.5 days," she wrote.

<p>thepioneerwomanmag/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond and her friends buying cowboy boots in Nashville


Ree Drummond and her friends buying cowboy boots in Nashville

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In the photo, she’s holding a few hefty bags of Publix groceries while a bottle of tequila rests under her arm. She joked that her friends have “rescinded my Instacart privileges for future trips.”

She hilariously addressed the last part of the caption to her husband Ladd. “Ladd, please meet me in our driveway with a wheelbarrow and don’t ask me any questions!!!” she wrote.

Her daughters chimed in the comments section with Paige writing, “The giant bottle of tequila 🤣💀.” Alex also joked, “Never let Ree get ahold of the Instacart.”

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