Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Praises Valerie Bertinelli's 'Honesty' After Posing in Her 'Fat Clothes'

"You won’t ever know the extent of the positive ripple effect these posts will have,” Drummond wrote in an Instagram comment

<p>Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; David Livingston/Getty </p> Ree Drummond and Valerie Bertinelli

Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; David Livingston/Getty

Ree Drummond and Valerie Bertinelli

Ree Drummond is inspired by Valerie Bertinelli.

On Monday, Bertinelli posted a video on Instagram after finding the outfit she wore in her very first “before photo" as a Jenny Craig spokesperson.

“I thought I was fat the last time I wore these clothes,” she said. "I’ve never felt more beautiful, more at peace, more mentally and emotionally stable than I do today and I’m wearing my ‘fat clothes.’ That’s f---ed up.”

Fellow Food Network chef, Drummond was touched by her bravery and self confidence, sharing a sweet sentiment in the comments section.

“Valerie, your honesty is so beautiful and you won’t ever know the extent of the positive ripple effect these posts will have on the women, both young and not-so-young, who see them,” the Pioneer Woman star commented.

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In the video, Bertinelli shared a valuable body positive message to her followers, prompting Drummond’s heartfelt response.

“Health is not a body size. Health is not the number you see on the scale. Your worth as a human being isn’t dictated by your body,” Bertinelli said while standing in the mirror, wearing a pink button-up shirt and jeans.

She added in the caption that she found the old clothes in the back of her closet and although she doesn’t know why she kept them, she’s glad she did.

“I continue to work on not suppressing or numbing my feelings with food or alcohol and here I am. I am enough,” she wrote. “Our bodies do not define who we are as human being’s. A number on the scale does not define how much love your heart can hold. 🩷Please love yourself, every single part of you. YOU ARE ENOUGH 🤍✌🏻”

Nathan Congleton/NBC Valerie Bertinelli cooking
Nathan Congleton/NBC Valerie Bertinelli cooking

In June, Bertinelli posted an Instagram video sharing how much healthier she feels after making some lifestyle changes and prioritizing her mental health in recent months.

“So it’s getting about time for me to probably go down another jean size. I can’t believe it. And this all started in November, the month I got free,” she said in the clip, referring to her divorce from Tom Vitale. “And I started really concentrating on my emotional and mental health. And when I started doing that, I started caring about the nutrition that I put in my body more.”

This year, the Kids Baking Championship judge also reevaluated the role alcohol plays in her life. She completed Dry January, which helped her go down a jean size.

"So, here's a nice little side effect of Dry January. These jeans that I'm wearing were so tight a few months ago that I couldn't comfortably button them. Now, they're so loose it's time for me to go down a size," she said in an Instagram video at the time. "Yeah, I like that side effect."

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She told followers that her reason behind the sober month was two-fold. "I'm doing it for two reasons. One, I want to try and cut down the cravings for my sugar. And I think alcohol exacerbates that,” she said in January.

The second reason related to the star's stress levels. "I want to calm down the cortisol in my body that has been raging for the last five, six years. I've been in fight, flight, freeze, fawn mode. And I want to go into rest and digest," she said at the time. "I think cutting alcohol will help me do that."

In the video, the Hot in Cleveland star said she'd already been drinking less over the past several months, so abstaining in January was mainly about "resetting that fight, flight, freeze, fawn mode that I'm helping with mediation and with journaling, and I think with all that I may reset my whole body."

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