Nervous Flyer? These Are The Times Of Day You Shouldn't Fly At According To A Pilot

Aerophobia affects 1 in 10 people
Aerophobia affects 1 in 10 people

Aerophobia affects 1 in 10 people

If you have a fear of flying, you’re certainly not alone - according to Anxiety UK, a whopping one in 10 of us are affected by aerophobia.

A fear of flying can be linked to the fear of aeroplanes or it could be an aspect of other psychological problems, such as panic attacks or claustrophobia.

It can make travelling on holiday seriously uncomfortable and even distressing in some situations.

However, one pilot has now shared the times of day that it’s best to fly at if you’ve got a fear of flying.

Morgan Smith, Boeing 737 pilot, told the New York Times that if you fly at certain times of the day you’re more likely to avoid anxiety-inducing turbulence while travelling.

If you want a smoother ride, you’d better set your alarm, as travelling in the morning is crucial in avoiding turbulence.

Smith explains that this is because the land below the aeroplane hasn’t warmed up yet - turbulence can be caused by heat rising from the ground, so it’s better to travel when it’s cooler and earlier in the day.

So if you’re a nervous flier, you should avoid travelling in the afternoon as the earth warms up.

The US pilot also urged people to remember that turbulence experienced during a flight feels worse than what it really is: “What some passengers have described to me as severe turbulence was really more moderate with maybe 10 feet of altitude change.”

She added that if you want to make your journey even more steady, make sure to book a seat up front, where travel is smoother even during periods of turbulence.