Piers Morgan Wants Gavin Newsom to Run for President Against Joe Biden: It’s ‘The Right Thing to Do’ (Video)

In light of recent health-related incidents with Washington’s older set, including Senators Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein, media personalities and constituents alike have reignited concerns about aging politicians’ ability to serve. President Joe Biden, 80, has naturally not been immune to such scrutiny.

The president’s age has been a regular talking point within Fox News and other conservative circles since he first announced his candidacy for 2020, but as his 2024 reelection campaign begins heating up, concerns over Biden’s mental and physical health five, six years down the line have been raised anew.

Speaking with “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning, Piers Morgan thought he may have a solution: getting California Gov. Gavin Newsom back in the race.

When asked who the Democratic Party should hypothetically put forward in Biden’s absence for 2024, Morgan said that the governor’s Fox News interview with Sean Hannity showed that he had the acumen to lead during particularly partisan, politicized times.

“I always look to people who go into the lions’ den of the opposition. So I was very interested when Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, did Sean Hannity. And I watched that interview, and I thought that was very interesting and a bold and courageous thing for him to do,” Morgan explained.

“When they go into the lions’ den, they’ve got that confidence,” the conservative U.K. news figure continued. “You may not agree with any policies that Newsom has, but if you’re a Democrat voter and you look at Gavin Newsom against Joe Biden, you’ve got one who’s young, fresh, dynamic and is prepared to go and debate the opposition — which, by the way, has Biden ever done ‘Hannity’? Has Biden ever come on ‘Fox & Friends’? Of course he hasn’t.”

That’s when Morgan turned his attention to hypothetically address Newsom directly: “You’ve gotta be looking at this saying, again, what is the best thing for the country? Do you really believe, Gavin Newsom, that Joe Biden is fit to serve another four years in office? And if you genuinely are honest with yourself, you know he’s not — and therefore, the right thing to do is to run yourself.”

Similarly, Morgan emphasized that Democrats across the nation need to ask themselves that same question.

“The Democrats have got to look at themselves, right? They’ve got to work out, is this actually a good thing for the country?” he said. “It’s very hard at the moment in these tribal, toxic, partisan times for people to take a position that puts the country before party.”

He then cited a recent poll from The Associated Press that found that 69% of Democrats think Biden is “too old to be effective for four more years.”

“Are they really going to say that in six years’ time, that if Biden was to run again and win, in six years’ time, he’s going to be having his finger on the nuclear button and they’re going to feel comfortable about that?” Morgan said. “I think it’s a crazy state of affairs.”

As TheWrap reported earlier this year, Newsom — widely speculated to run in 2024 if Biden were not to seek reelection — shelved his own presidential aspirations for 2024 and endorsed Biden in April.

Watch Morgan’s full “Fox & Friends” segment in the video above.

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