Piers Morgan admits he was wrong over Donald Trump support: 'I never thought he'd be capable of this'

Katie Archer
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Piers Morgan has admitted he was wrong to have supported Donald Trump in the past, saying “I never thought he’d be capable of this”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter had counted Trump as a friend after meeting him on Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, but has now turned his back on the President since his supporters stormed the Capitol, resulting in five deaths.

Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid asked him: “Does it make you think twice about the support that you’ve given President Trump over the years that he’s been in office?”

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He replied: “No question. I never thought he’d be capable of this.”

Morgan had begun to distance himself from Trump in 2020 as he criticised the President’s “reckless” response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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But following last week’s shock scenes in the US as Trump’s supporters were incited to break into the Capitol, Morgan admitted: “To those who warned that this is what was going to happen with Trump - you’ve been proven right.”

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 10: Television Personality Donald Trump and journalist Piers Morgan attend the celebration of Perfumania and Kim Kardashian�s appearance on NBC�s "The Apprentice" at the Provocateur at The Hotel Gansevoort on November 10, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage)
Donald Trump and Piers Morgan were friends for 15 years (Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage)

Condemning Trump further, he said: “He has played down to the very worst expectations and predictions of his worst critics, and to everyone who gave him the benefit of the doubt, including me for a long time until the pandemic really hit hard in March, April when I could see the way he was going and I then began to attack him, which I’ve done all year last year.

“But there’s no doubt I ever, ever imagined a person I’ve known for 15 years would be capable of inciting a mob to attack the Capitol in America and attack democracy itself. He didn’t just cross a line, he trampled all over that line and he’s now a threat to American democracy.

“And to those who warned that this is what was going to happen with Trump - you’ve been proven right. You’ve been proven right. It’s a sobering moment.”

However, Morgan hinted that he felt more positive times could be on the horizon for the US with Joe Biden’s inauguration later this month.

NEW YORK - MAY 10:  Donald Trump and Piers Morgan attend "The Celebrity Apprentice" season finale at the American Museum of Natural History on May 10, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)
Piers Morgan has now turned his back on the President (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Last week, Morgan wrote for MailOnline that he was renouncing his friendship with Trump.

He said: "I can't remain friends with someone who says he 'loves' a bunch of violent Nazi sympathisers and white supremacists who've just launched a deadly attack on the epicentre of US democracy itself and thinks they're 'special people'."

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