Pictures of butter chicken golgappas go viral, leave social media users disgusted

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Mixing recipes to create a new dish has long been a trend on social media. While there have been some marvellous food items that people can try, they have often ended up being horrified by culinary inventions.

Now, another dish has left social media users appalled. Pictures of butter chicken golgappas have been doing the rounds of the internet recently.

The image shows the normal golgappas stuffed with butter chicken, instead of the usual tangy and spicy potato stuffing. The dish is garnished with sev and mint leaves on top of the butter chicken.

The image went viral when it was shared by a Twitter user.

Social media was left divided by the image. There were mixed responses to the dish. Several people considered the fusion dish as nothing less than a crime. They said that the mixing of the tangy street food with butter chicken was nothing less than 'sacrilege'.

Others were interested in trying out the dish.

Some social media users also put on their thinking caps to figure out where this dish was being sold. Many also claimed that such fusion recipes could sell easily after the outlet serves alcohol with it.

As per Indian Express, the fusion dish is said to be popular as finger food in a few restaurants in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Nagpur.

This is not the first time that culinary experiments have become too much for social media users. Recently, the video of a stall in Vadodara selling mango ice cream chaat with grated cheese went viral. The 3.48-minute video depicted a twist on the Gujarati street food dabeli, giving it a cheesy and cold take.

Social media users were also left appalled after images of milkshakes with Maggi noodles mixed in them surfaced on the Internet. Many claimed that the trend of experimenting with Maggi by adding it to other dishes had gone too far with this latest experiment.

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