These Pics Of Mindy Kaling's Toned Legs In A Mini Dress And Heels Are 😱

These Pics Of Mindy Kaling's Toned Legs In A Mini Dress And Heels Are 😱
  • Mindy Kaling was just caught showing off her mega-defined legs in a super cute mini dress and heels in new photos outside of The Today Show.

  • The writer, producer, and actress enjoys running both as a fun exercise and as a mental health outlet.

  • Mindy is a self-described foodie who is trying to eat in moderation to keep her body fueled and feeling good.

Mindy Kaling knows a thing or two about how to make the perfect entrance. And the actress put this skill into practice when she arrived at The Today Show in New York City this week.

Some photographers snapped photos of Mindy getting out of her car outside the venue wearing a lavender mini dress and silver heels. And all I can say is that the sleek 'fit put her long, toned legs on full display. Along with her impeccable style and sculpted muscles, Mindy was also sporting a smile that literally looks like it's made of sunshine.

Photo credit: MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

The Office actress had a recent revelation about fitness and working out. “In my twenties, I thought a workout had to be something that was punishing, like 45 minutes of running and you had to hate it the whole time,” she told Today. “I don’t have that relationship with exercise anymore.”

In fact, Mindy has found that she really enjoys running, and uses it as a mental health outlet. She even referenced the "restorative power of a run" when describing her daily jog to Marie Claire. "I'm always so self-conscious talking about how much I love running because I don't look like someone who's athletic or anything. But it has really helped me," she said.

Mindy also said that taking the time out of her day to exercise affects more than her fitness goals. "It just focuses me and makes me a better writer. I think I'm a friendlier person, a more patient mom,” she told Marie Claire.

Maybe that's the secret to the witty quips she's so famous for. I, for one, am definitely eager for all her new jokes in the third season of Never Have I Ever, which drops tonight on Netflix.

Mindy takes a holistic approach to her health these days, and discussed how it has become more important to her in recent years. "In no way was I thinking about things that are the most important to me now, which is my health, holding the door open behind me for other people… I kind of lived a way more selfish existence," she admitted to Marie Claire.

But being surrounded by her family and the strong community of young women on her show helped prompt an attitude change. And she definitely seems happy these days, I mean, look at that contagious smile:

When talking about her diet, the Sex Lives Of College Girls creator promised that she'll never "stop being a foodie. I’m never going be someone who can just have spinach and salmon every day,” she told Today.

Instead, she's focusing on eating everything in moderation. So far, she's loving this approach. "To me, the most amazing thing is that all my clothes kind of fit,” she told Today. “It’s so easy to get ready and that's great. I feel happy about that.”

She added that she never weighs herself, and that she's focusing on how she feels, rather than the number.

Tune in to watch Mindy's new season of Never Have I Ever tonight.

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