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Batman on Screen

Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery – Perhaps the least known big screen Batmen are Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery. Wilson and Lowery have the distinction of being the first actors to play Batman in a live-action production, having both starred as the Caped Crusader in serial films produced between 1943 and 1949. The earliest Bat-serials were little more than low-budget anti-German/Japanese propaganda films (they were produced during the Second World War), but their popularity nevertheless laid the foundation for future Batman projects.

Batman on Screen

July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight has had a long and storied career on the silver screen. Over the years, the World's Greatest Detective has been played by some of the world's greatest actors who have each put their own distinctive spin on  Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego Batman. -- by Will Perkins

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