Twins Vibing To Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' Go Viral For Their Reaction

Ron Dicker
·2 min read

About 40 years after Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” hit the Billboard charts, 20-something twins Tim and Fred Williams are winning the internet with their reaction to it. (Watch below.)

The YouTube stars, whose channel is called TwinsthenewTrend, host a series dubbed “First Time Hearing” to learn about hit music of yore.

In their initial listen to Collins’ 1981 hit, the two vibe along somewhat enthusiastically until the singer-songwriter’s drum solo. That’s when it gets really fun.

It’s as if an ancient relic has just spoken to them from a pop history tomb. The Gary, Indiana, brothers posted the video late last month but it’s rapidly making the rounds now.

Here’s their full version:

People on Twitter loved the guys’ enthusiasm.

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