The ‘siege’ of Phil Collins’ Miami Beach mansion continues: His ex wife just got served

Madeleine Marr
·2 min read

She got served.

A court bailiff arrived at the sprawling North Bay Road home where Phil Collins’ ex wife turned ex girlfriend is currently holed up with her new husband Tuesday.

Pictures taken by The Daily Mail showed an officer of the court arriving at the legendary rocker’s mansion. Neither Orianne Cevey nor her new musician husband Thomas Bates was seen in the series of photos, but at least two guards in dark shirts met the server, who was accompanied by two Miami Beach police officers, at the gate.

Phil Collins wants his ex-wife turned live-in girlfriend to vacate his Miami mansion

According to a lawsuit filed last week and reviewed by the Miami Herald Friday, Collins is suing Cevey for “an armed occupation and takeover” of the $33 million home that he bought in 2016 and owns “100 percent,” says the lawsuit. It also claims the 46-year-old Swiss native changed the entry codes for the alarms, turned away real estate agents who wanted to show the place and hired armed security guards.

Collins, 69, is out of the country, preparing for a tour with Genesis, his lawyer Jeffrey D. Fisher told the Miami Herald, but he is duly upset.

Orianne Collins and her husband, Phil Collins, make little dreams come true for disadvantaged children

The iconic drummer has been down this road before: He divorced Cevey in 2008 and gave her a boatload of money, but reunited with the jewelry designer in 2016 in Miami for their sake of their two sons Matthew, 15, and Nic, 19. Things appeared to be peachy between the local couple, until word got out that Cevey secretly wed another man over the summer.

Apparently, Bates wasn’t the only other man in Cevey’s life while she was still technically living with Collins. According to UK’s The Sun, Cevey apparently had another boyfriend in Las Vegas pre-Bates, around 2018-2019. A stripper named Preston Thompson. But the “model” seems out of the Kodak now, and we digress.

One bright spot in this “War of the Roses” meets 2020: Miami judge Stephanie Silver ruled during an injunction hearing Monday that Collins gets to retrieve his valuables such as his awards, instruments, memorabilia and clothing.

However, Cevey’s latest lawyer (her third) was able to get the case moved to circuit court instead of county court, which will delay things for a bit.

“Through legal gamemanship they had it transferred to a different division of the court to get it reassigned,” said Fisher. “The judge was clearly frustrated she was not able to complete the expected hearing that she set on Monday. The siege of the Miami Beach Alamo continues.”