PEZ Debunks Viral TikTok Hack for Loading Its Candy Into Dispenser

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PEZ Candy is setting the record straight on how to load their dispensers.

A video went viral on Wednesday from a TikTok user who shared a "hack" for the fastest way to enjoy the candy.

In two examples, the TikTok user loaded a package of PEZ candy into the bottom of the dispenser, and when they pushed down, the wrapper came off and perfectly filled the container.

However, many users pointed out that the plastic bottom inside a PEZ dispenser wouldn't make the process as seamless as the video made it out to be.

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On Thursday, the candy brand debunked the viral video by posting its own video on TikTok to demonstrate the "proper way" to load the dispensers.

In the video, someone is shown taking the candy out of its package while firmly holding the stack together using thumb and index finger. Once they had a steady grip, they pulled out the loading area, slid the candy through and pinched the sides of the plastic to ensure the candy wouldn't fall out on the other side.

"Myth Busters: you can't load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom. Check out the proper way," the candy company captioned the video.

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"Bonus if you get all 12 tablets in the first try ," PEZ added.

One viewer commented, "I was today years old.....😮" to which the company responded, "Should've been taught in school."

Another person wrote, "That's some serious skills!"

"It's part of the hiring process 😂," PEZ jokingly responded.

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