Peter Weber Says He 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' About How He Played “The Traitors” Following Banishment

The former Bachelor found himself a victim of banishment on Thursday's episode of the Peacock competition show after a season of aggressive gameplay

<p>Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty</p> Peter Weber

Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty

Peter Weber

Peter Weber went from looking for love on The Bachelor to seeking out Traitors on The Traitors.

But on Thursday, his time in the castle came to an end when Mercedes “MJ” Javid cast the final vote for Weber’s banishment, ousting him over Traitor Phaedra Parks.

Weber, 32, then revealed himself as a Faithful and acknowledged his aggressive gameplay.

“I know I’ve been all gas, no breaks since the beginning,” Weber said on the show after being banished. “I’m a Faithful ‘til the end. I tried to save you guys.”

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The former Bachelor still stands by the way he navigated the competition, which he referred to as “hands down one of the most incredible experiences” on Instagram Friday.

“I had the time of my life playing this game and will forever cherish it,” Weber wrote. “Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you all for your support and love along the way. That never went unnoticed and I’m grateful for you. All gas no breaks, till the f---ing wheels fall off baby.”

Bachelor Nation's Jason Tartick commended Weber, commenting on the post, "You made me proud out there."

Throughout the season, Weber loudly shared his opinions about who he thought the Traitors were and spearheaded the banishments of Traitors Dan Gheesling and Parvati Shallow. But some of Weber’s fellow Faithfuls felt excluded by the pilot’s tendency to only express his plans only to his inner circle, which included John Bercow, Trishelle Cannatella, Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen and Kevin Kreider, also known as The Peter Pals.

<p>Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty</p> Dan Gheesling and Parvati Shallow

Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty

Dan Gheesling and Parvati Shallow

"Watching it back, obviously hindsight's 20/20, and I probably should've don’t a better job of not ostracizing so much of the castle the way that it kind of happened,” Weber said on a February episode of The Viall Files podcast.

Weber explained to fellow former Bachelor Nick Viall that he “went into the game not trying to find the Traitors,” but rather, “I wanted to go in and find who can I give my 100 percent trust to.”

“Once I decided that and committed to that, I was committed the entire game,” Weber continued. “So If I was wrong, so be it. But I was willing to do … once I gave that commitment to people and felt like, OK, I think we're on the same page here, I was willing to go to the end of the game with them. And it just, it became unfortunate again because obviously people’s feelings kind of got hurt and watching it back, I'm like, oh I shouldn't have maybe closed that door in their faces so much.”

<p>Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty</p> Phaedra Parks and Alan Cumming

Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty

Phaedra Parks and Alan Cumming

When Shallow, 41, and Parks, 50, had a chance to recruit another Traitor following 40-year-old Gheesling’s banishment, they tried to woo Weber. He turned them down.

“I had a very good idea that it was Parvati and it was Phaedra at that point that had sent me that recruitment letter,” Weber said on The Viall Files. “And I just didn’t want to throw my game and put a wrench in it at that moment.”

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The Adventures of Pilot Pete author told PEOPLE ahead of the season 2 premiere that he hoped his turn on The Traitors showed viewers a new side of him.

“I did a very different show a couple of years ago,” Weber said of The Bachelor. “I'd always wanted to do a cool, fun competition show, and being very competitive, this is right up my alley.”

Despite Weber not making it to the end of the game, host Alan Cumming lauded the reality star’s gameplay.

“Peter's trajectory in the show is fascinating because it shows this whole theory that gamers from shows like Survivor and Big Brother and everything are going to be much more predisposed to be good in the show; that's clearly not true,” Cumming, 59, told PEOPLE. “Peter being the cutesy Bachelor has kind of worked it all out and was really kind of strategizing in a really amazing way.”

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The season 2 finale of The Traitors airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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