'Peter O’Toole: Along The Sky Road To Aqaba' sneak peek

Watch an exclusive clip from a new documentary about the legendary British actor

Video Transcript

- My father never claimed to be born in Ireland because he wasn't. He was born in Leeds, as the records show. He was born in Leeds, in an Irish ghetto, to an Irish father, in an emigrant city. So he was Irish, through and through.

- Well, he certainly regarded himself as Irish, didn't he? And he was Celtic of personality, it would seem-- a lover of the romance, and the Celtic Twilight, and the poets.

- I have never revealed his life before he met me, although he did-- slowly and painfully-- confide in me, bit by bit over the years. And I've never been able to repeat any of that because it's his business. I don't think he understood it, even. But I imagine, like you, that it was a traumatic childhood.

- I don't know if Sian feels the same. But that's what I've certainly felt coming off him, that there was this real conflict that had never been resolved between his roots and his Anglophile element.

- He had a bully of a father. Yes, he did. He did.

- His father said, jump off the mantelpiece. And he had no trust. He didn't know what was going to happen to him.