Pet lemur escapes — and ‘little fella’ leads cops on wild chase, Missouri video shows

As a Missouri police officer chased after a lemur on the lam, there were a few times he got real close to catching it.

“Dang it!” the officer is heard saying after one of those near misses late Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Soon after, one of the “kind citizens” helping the responding officers asked if she could grab the wild creature’s striped tail.

“I don’t know,” the officer replied, as heard in body camera footage shared by the Springfield Police Department on Sept. 13.

Moments later, the breathless officer and other chasers had the animal surrounded in a parking lot. Police eventually captured the lemur and “got it snuggled up” in a towel.

Authorities said the chase began after someone reported “a lemur in the road.”

Two officers “spotted the little fella” — and got the animal safely to Springfield-Greene County Animal Control, according to a Facebook post from the department.

Police later learned the “lucky lemur” was being kept as a pet, and it had been reported missing by its owners.

The department first said the wild chase had an “especially happy ending” as the owners had been reunited with their missing pet, but officers later had to clarify it’s illegal to keep wild animals in city limits.

“This little guy’s owners did end up surrendering it to animal control,” police said. “The lemur has been connected to a local wildlife rescue agency where they will continue to be well cared for and loved!”

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