Pest Control Removes 700 Pounds of Acorns Hidden in Wall by Birds

An exterminator removed about 700 pounds of acorns collected by woodpeckers inside the wall of a home in Santa Rosa, California, viral video shows.

Footage shared by Nick Castro shows him pull out heaps of acorns after cutting into the wall and discovering that the birds’ acorn collection was piled up 20 feet, from the lower floor all the way up into the attic.

Speaking to Storyful, Castro said that he was initially called to the house after the homeowner found worms coming out of the wall, and thought a dead animal was stuck inside. Instead, the small mealworms were mixed with the colossal acorn collection.

“You could say this bird was a bit of a packrat,” Castro is overheard saying in the video.

Castro told local media a pair of acorn woodpeckers had likely been adding to the stash for at least two years. Credit: Nick Castro via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Here we go. Let's see what else is left in this wall.

- Are you ready?

- It's going. Unreal. You can say this bird was a little bit of a pack-rat. Holy, bro. This is crazy.

- Holy--

- It's like not stopping.

- Oh my god.


- Dude, it's not stopping. There's just as many up there as when I started. OK, that's good for right now.