The Personal Hidden Meaning Behind Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's Daughter's Name Is Stunning

Starr Bowenbank
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Photo credit: Darren Gerrish - Getty Images
Photo credit: Darren Gerrish - Getty Images

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Let's be honest: Fans of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have spent the last few months living for glimpses of their baby girl. After seeing the plethora of pics that Gigi and Zayn have posted of her to their social media feeds, it's kiiiinda hard not to be a fan, right? But despite all this cuteness, we still didn't know lil Miss Malik Hadid's name...until yesterday!

On Instagram last night, Gigi sneakily shared new info in her bio, writing that she's "Khai's mom." Yep—Gigi and Zayn's baby girl's name is Khai, and it turns out the name has a special connection to Gigi's grandmother.

According to TMZ, Khai is named after her paternal great-grandmother on Gigi's side of the family. Gigi's grandmother's name is Khairiah, and the name Khai also means "crowned" in Arabic. Fun fact for ya—Zayn's last name (Malik) means "king," which means that baby Khai's name directly translates to "crowned king." I'm obsessed.

It's very clear that Zayn and Gigi are loving their time being Khai's parents. Of course the social media posts speak volumes, but sources also told E! News that Zayn feels "forever changed and would never disappoint her or Gigi. He wants to be the best father possible and is so excited." Gigi, according to a separate E! News source, “is already an amazing mom.”

Here's to more cute content of Khai in the future!

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