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About Rory Culkin

After years of playing younger versions of his older acting brothers, Rory Culkin had a breakout feature perfomance at the age of 11. Known as "the littlest Culkin," Rory Culkin was born the seventh and youngest child in the notorious Culkin clan. He also bore a striking resemblance to his famous older brother Macaulay, which allowed him to get his foot in the door acting in his brother's films "The Good Son" (1993) and "Richie Rich" (1994). These parts however, could barely be considered roles (especially "The Good Son" where Rory Culkin appeared only in a photograph) and did not allow him to showcase his talents.

In his first substantial role, Culkin played the son of a single mother played by Laura Linney in "You Can Count on Me" (2000). Mark Ruffalo co-starred as Linney's troubled younger brother who comes to stay with them when he is down on his luck. The relationship between Culkin and Ruffalo's characters was a major part of the film, and Culkin's careful portrayal of his character was remarkable, especially for a child of only 11 years of age. "You Can Count on Me" was a masterful examination of the human condition, told in the most simple and heartfelt manner. Writer Kenneth Lonergran's directorial debut was lauded almost universally and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance later that year.

This auspicious debut soon led to other promising roles for the youngest Culkin. In 2002, he played Mel Gibson's son in M. Night Shyamalan's supernatural thriller "Signs." Next he appeared with Michael Douglas and Bernadette Peters in a dysfunctional family comedy called "It Runs in the Family" (2003). Culkin's short track record already showed a discerning eye for quality films and spoke of nothing less than a bright future for this upcoming young talent, perhaps the most talented of the Culkin clan, and his early talent reached full fruition in writer-director Jacob Aaron Estes' realistic and insightful teen drama "Mean Creek" (2004), in which Culkin played Sam, a young teen terrorized by a seemingly oafish bully, inspiring Sam's older brother and his friends to enact retribution on a boating outing.



Bonnie Bedilia.


Christian Culkin. born 1987


Macaulay Culkin. Born August 26, 1980; star of "Home Alone" (1990) and other hit films from the early 1990s


Shane Culkin. born 1976


Chris Culkin. born 1944, split from Patricia Brentup in 1995; involved in bitter custody battles with Brentup and financial disputes with Macaulay; lost parental rights of his children in 1995, regained joint custody in late 1995


Patricia Brentrup. born 1954; during 1995 custody battle and "divorce," was revealed that Brentup was never actually married to Kit Culkin though they lived together for 20 years and had seven children together


Kieran Culkin. born on September 30, 1982; actor


Dakota Culkin. born 1979; died Dec. 10, 2008 after being struck by a car while crossing a Los Angeles street; cause of death was massive head trauma


Quinn Culkin. born 1984

Career Milestones


Co-starred in the ensemble drama thriller "Twelve," directed by Joel Schumacher


Co-starred opposite Alec Baldwin in "Lymelife"


Cast opposite Robin Williams in an adaptation of Armistead Maupin's novel "The Night Listener"


Co-starred with Edward Norton and Evan Rachel Wood in the indie drama, "Down in the Valley"


Co-starred in Arie Posin's ensemble "The Chumscrubber," a darkly satiric story about life crumbling in the midst of a seemingly idyllic suburbia


Co-starred in the drama "Mean Creek"


Played the youngest son of Michael Douglas and Bernadette Peters in "It Runs in the Family;" Kirk Douglas also co-starred


Starred with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix in "Signs"


Played the younger version of his brother Kieran Culkin in the independent film "Igby Goes Down"


Had lead role in the Showtime original movie "Off Season"


Had two guest appearances on the Dennis Leary sitcom "The Job" (ABC)


Landed breakthrough role as Laura Linney's son in "You Can Count on Me"


Again played a younger version of his brother Macaulay's character in "Richie Rich"


Culkin's picture is featured in his brother's movie "The Good Son" as Macaulay's character when he was younger