People welcome Delhi govt's initiative of bio-decomposer solution to prevent pollution due to stubble burning

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Man spraying bio-decomposer on stubble (Photo/ANI)
Man spraying bio-decomposer on stubble (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], September 22 (ANI): People have welcomed Delhi Government's initiative to prepare bio-decomposer solution in a bid to stop stubble burning that leads to air pollution.

Reviewing the initiative as a constructive step in the welfare of Delhiites, a paddy grower, Mansraj Tyagi, who hails from Jhatikra village in Najafgarh told ANI that spraying bio-decomposer solution helps to decompose the stubble while it also increases crop production.

"Last time, we used bio-decomposer spray on our land which helped in the decomposition of crop residue. It also made the soil fertile and increased crop production. We will spray it on our land this year also," he said.

Binod Tyagi, another farmer said that initially when bio-decomposers were introduced, farmers were apprehensive. "I sprayed the decomposer in my field last year and the stubble was very easily destroyed. After seeing the benefit, other farmers also decided that they will get their fields sprayed," he said.

Earlier today, Delhi Government announced that it will prepare bio-decomposer solution from September 24 to cover 4,000 acres of farmland around the national capital.

Notably, the Delhi government in association with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa developed a bio-decomposer capsule. These capsules can be converted into a solution to be sprayed on crop stubble in the farmlands. Once sprayed on the fields, the solution decomposes the stubble into compost in 20 days.

Principal Scientist of IARI's Department of Microbiology Lovleen Shukla said, "As per Delhi Government, they will use de-composer on 4,000 acres of land. We will provide them with the required quantity."

She further informed that the kit has four capsules. "Preparing the solution is very easy. It requires, jaggery, besan, water and the capsules," she said.

Another Principal Scientist from the same department, YB Singh told ANI that last time the Delhi Government has used this bio-decomposer in 2,000 acres of land. "The results were really good," he said.

Singh further said that farmers are themselves coming forward to use these bio-decomposers after seeing the results.

"There are demands from across the country for this. Individual farmers, organisation and NGOs are demanding the decomposer. Nearly 12 private firms have applied for its production. About 4-5 companies have already started the production of decomposers," he said. (ANI)

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